designbox was founded in 1995 by the industrial designers Stephan Leitl and Axel Hartmann in Ravensburg, Southern Germany.


From the beginning we have been seeing ourselves as a full-service agency and cover all relevant design tasks with our team. Central to all our work is the uncompromising demand of optimal quality. Delivered on time. This is only possible by mastering one's trade and the ground rules of active communication. During a co-operation with designbox, you will therefore experience the design process very actively and also influence it through your own know-how. We enjoy this work and that is felt by our customers.


The results, we think, speak for themselves. Much of our work has won design and innovation awards. Or it simply achieved the desired economic success of a good product, a remarkable corporate identity or an optimal marketing campaign. That explains why LBW named us as one of the 10 most innovative young enterprises in Baden-Württemberg 5 years after starting the company.


In order to work successfully around the globe, we consistently use the most modern means of communication and presentation. It therefore doesn't make much difference whether your company is located on our doorstep or in the western United States.


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