Over the past 2 decades, the face of making and producing music has changed entirely. Software instruments are today's daily bread for any producer or studio musician. Moving and clicking the mouse while looking at the computer screen has united all of us, no matter what our profession may be.


Within the creative field of music electronics all major manufacturers have recognised the need for a good looking and ergonomic software interface.


The artistic span for a virtual musical instrument on the computer screen or handheld device reaches from the photo realistic representation of an original hardware instrument up to the creation of an entirely novel approach to creating (electronic) music.


Behind the attractive screen lies a deep understanding of the technology, which we have acquired through many years of working with the best music software manufacturers in the world. 


Few agencies can offer the same depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in this particular domain. Our designers are specialists with a substantial background in music. So we know exactly how the instruments work, which we design.


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