The  pictures below indicate the entire design process by the example of a medical ergometer.


At designbox, product design takes place in phases according to several levels of service. Ideally, our cooperation starts at the earliest possible point of product development - when the product parameters have not been fixed yet. 


We analyse the market, target group and feasibility of a product idea and develop the first sketches based on the insights gained from our analysis. At the end of this creative phase, you will receive several photo-realistic, three-dimensional representations of your future product. Already very close to reality and production.


During the detailing phase that follows, we fine-tune the design further and work together with you until we arrive at the final form. From this phase, we deliver compatible data sets of the design contours to your construction office (we exportStep / Iges / Generic Solid Works / X_T). Or we work out the construction for you and produce machine-ready data sets.


For many product design requirements, the three-dimensional representation on a screen is sufficient - beyond this, we offer the construction of volume, design or functional models right up to prototypes for trade fairs or to carry out various tests. 


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