Since the invention of the graphical user interface for computer applications, one area has been gaining in importance increasingly: Screen design. Our history of designing graphical user interfaces goes back a long way. We designed our first software user interface as early as 1991.


Here, our experience in working with (3D) product design tools provides us with a crucial advantage over many competitors. We are able to draw user interfaces that look hyper-real - just like a real product.  And they work equally well!


If you are already familiar with the discipline of screen design, you will know that the value of a software product is determined to a very significant extent by its appearance on screen. A well-designed screen product will be remembered - and can be used ergonomically, too.


But not every application commands a large full-colour screen. Industrial machines, in particular, are often operated via small single-colour displays. This is another area where we have got busy for our customers and have been able to generate universal, internationally deployable machine interfaces through the use of clear graphic symbols.


To demonstrate even complex usage patterns, we can produce realistic graphical emulations of your software controls. From the simple dishwater control right up to the extremely complex and yet CI-compliant operation of whole production lines.


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